With Wicked Education, educators have a tool to ignite student learning, reshape classroom dynamics, and create a sustainable revenue source for their classroom.

Our digital platform allows any K-12 classroom to operate like a small business by taking the things they make in class and selling them on their online store, bringing real world interactions right into the classroom. Your students will engage in authentic learning in a way that pushes the boundaries of their traditional way of thinking and empowers them to explore, evolve, and actualize on their ideas.

Generate Revenue

Students produce something that is marketed and sold to people through their own online company. Real money. Real customers. Real opportunity.

Experiential Learning

Classroom dynamics evolve as students put creative energy into a common goal and learn to communicate, collaborate, and co-create together.

Community Impact

Classes can explore ways to use their revenue and give back. Students decide whether they donate to their school, a global cause, or their local charity.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.

  • In my 13 years of teaching, I have never seen students so excited about a project. The work we are doing this semester will link Chemistry with it’s real-life application in the worldwide marketplace. This project created an environment for students to make real decisions, receive feedback, and then use that data to improve their work.

    Matt Martin

  • I learned that I am really good with computers and that I’m a leader. I would try to get my work done early so that I could work more on my company.

    Josh Espinoza

  • My son was so excited to be able to create with his hands something that came from classroom learning, and then to do something positive with it afterwards. It really motivated him to learn more about chemistry and about business!

    Tiveeda StovallCeja

  • From this class, I learned that I can sell things to people. I am good at this stuff. It’s kind of my forte. I love being out there, communicating with people. Whenever I make a sale, I feel great.

    Ronny Lopez

  • The biggest thing she is walking away with is confidence. A kid walking away with this amount of confidence as a sophomore is a big asset. You don’t just get that in any class.

    Juan Ramirez

  • Matt Martin


  • Josh Espinoza


  • Tiveeda StovallCeja


  • Ronny Lopez


  • Juan Ramirez



With a customized website to sell their products, students set up their online store and operate their business right from the classroom. Their website allows them to showcase their creative vision and grow the learning experience year after year!

Teacher Dashboard

Teachers oversee all activities on the platform so nothing makes it online without approval. Wicked Badges allow teachers to recognize students who dive into areas like product development, team building, and social media marketing.

The Game Changer

Wicked Education comes to life when a sale happens! We help you make authentic learning experiences happen by providing fun and flexible tools and resources needed to help students move products from the classroom to the customer.


With their Foundation, students can designate their profits to any 501c3 of their choosing (including their classroom!). This real world immersion allows students to discover what’s important to them and engage with their community in a meaningful way.


With virtual mentors who are committed to providing relevant guidance and support to students, classes have the opportunity to interact with top-notch professionals as they create their own learning experience and identify their personal strengths.

Legal and Banking

With the business operating under the RWS legal umbrella, teachers never have to worry about the red tape and headache of starting and running a business. We make the banking a breeze by handling all of the online purchases and keeping the funds in a secure account that the teacher can access at anytime.
Need Some Cash to Make this Work?
Simply apply for funds in the teacher dashboard to bring the Wicked Experience into your classroom and you can get seed funding*, a customized URL, and ongoing consultation to help your company grow.

*It’s not as crazy as it sounds. We’re a non-profit. This is what we do.

How can I get funding and how it is disbursed?
Simply apply for funding through the Wicked Experience tab in your online dashboard. Let us know how much funding you’ll be needing and what kind of activities you are looking to integrate into your classroom. We will follow up with you within 5 days to begin the onboarding process. On a bi-monthly basis all checks are issued to the school, which must be a legal 501c3 in good standing. Funding comes from our donors, and is subject to approval upon request. ​

Is Wicked a nonprofit?
Wicked Education is a program created by Real World Scholars, which is a CA-based 501c3. We created Wicked Education because we are passionate about getting money in the hands of students for the purpose of authentic learning. The program is and always will be free because our donors believe all students should have the opportunity to experience transformative change and explore their skills and interests before they head out into the real world.

Do I have to cash out at the end of my school year?
For our internal tax purposes, all classes are required to cash out at the end of each year. Simply tell us where to send the check and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether you decide to put the money right back to your classroom or give to an external 501c3, all you need to do request funding from your dashboard. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to receive your check.

How does the Foundation component work?
All proceeds from the student-run business go into their own Wicked Foundation account. Classes can designate their money to any 501c3, or organization with a non-profit tax status. We encourage classrooms to collectively explore how they may want to use their money. We see this as an opportunity to learn about the power of giving back and connecting with your community. Classes can request funds at anytime and checks will be mailed to the designated 501c3 on a bi-monthly basis.

How do I protect my student information?
The only publicly viewable information is the picture and first name associated with the student account. For teachers that would like to limit the visibility, we encourage them to use nicknames (or some other aliases) for the account and representative pictures for the students’ profiles.

Can we host our own banking?
Currently, all of the banking and financial transactions happens on our platform. In the not-so-distant future, we will be allowing schools to run the platform with their own accounting. In the meantime, take advantage of the stress-free setup that allows us to take care of all the complicated stuff.

Can my business run during the summer months?
If you have the capability to run your business through the summer months with summer school classes or after school programs, have at it! However, if that’s not an option and you have easily shippable items, we will be able to help you ship products throughout the summer with an RWS fulfillment center. Stay tuned for more details.

Who sees our website?
The internet is public - so anyone can see your website online. While we will be hosting a link to your store on our marketplace, people may also come across your website in other ways. You can encourage web traffic by promoting your online store via social media, print ads, newsletters or any other marketing efforts you choose.

How does shipping work?
While the platform helps you sell the products from your classroom, your classroom is responsible for the shipping. When a sale happens, you will receive an email with all of the information needed to make it happen. If you need money for shipping, simply request it though the Wicked Experience tab on your dashboard.
If your items are too large to ship (or you have other problems with the shipping process) you may want to explore a pick up center at your school.

Why the name Wicked?
A “Wicked Problem” is a problem that is seemingly unsolvable, like poverty or climate change. When we got started, we were looking for a way to get money in the hands of students to practice real entrepreneurial learning. For a long time, it seemed impossible - that is, until we came across the idea for Wicked Education. Now, for the first time, students across the country can easily engage in experiential learning with real money and real business - right inside their classroom.
(And when our founder’s 16 year old daughter loved the name, it sealed the deal.)